We invest at the earliest stages

in companies whose founders have skin in the game,
are coachable and address big markets.


We’ll finance your idea.
Each year we select 5 or 6 startups for an intensive acceleration program.
We invest up to €200,000 per startup.


Series A

We’ll lead your round.
If there is a match, we prefer to be the first institutional investor in your startup.
We invest up to €3.5 million per startup.

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We invest in innovative companiesTechnology and IP- driven businesses

Enterprise Technology

It is now possible to start a company valued at $1BN from your garage, with no assets and basically no employees. And this company may serve the giants of the corporate world.
We are interested in: cloud, RPA, blockchain, electric vehicles, NPL, big data, AI, ML, professional services, APIs, agritech, fintech, cybersecurity.

Consumer Technology

In 2020, more than 66% of all people already had online access. That’s an additional 3 billion people that got access to the internet in the last few years, raising the total number of connected population to 5.5 billion.
We are interested in: mobile, marketplaces, the gig economy, e-learning, social platforms, gaming and e-sports, consumer services, adtech, VR, AR, AI.

Hardware & Electronics

Operational costs, fabrication equipment, prototyping, tooling and far-flung production plants are things of the past. Mass customization, wide access to prototyping and cheap marketing channels open the world for makers to turn their passion into a business.
We are interested in: 3D printing, IOT, consumer electronics, hardware and robotics, manufacturing.


Technology is and will be more and more deeply embedded in life. It makes everything easier, cheaper, and better.
We are in early-stage venture capital – we are interested in all sorts of IP-driven businesses in patentable design (fashion, object, industrial), branding, franchises, disaster prevention and resilience, food, shelter, new materials.

How we helpAll of what you need—none of what you don’t


To investors and partners in Europe and  US

Talent & Retention

Build and retain a dream team

Business Development

Build the right partnerships

Go to market

Promote and grow your brand

Operations Strategy

Legal, financial and real estate support


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Our Partners

We value

proven commitment over written CVs, international ambition versus local self-sufficiency and sharing over secrecy.

We believe

in Focus and Intensity:
Focus is when you do one single thing; Intensity is when you do it 16 hours a day.

We welcome

founders of all genders, races, orientations and nationalities as long as their companies are based in Romania.

We know

that there are too few women in tech today. We make a mission out of supporting and investing in female founders.

Introduce yourself

A few words of advice to make the most of meeting us:

  • Bring a deck – not a business plan. Ideally, include a demo.
  • This is early stage investment – your financial projections are mere fantasies; don’t waste time on that. We'll figure it out together.
  • The dress code is smart casual – don’t wear shorts, but don’t come overdressed either (unless this is the only way you feel comfortable).
  • You have 30 minutes – save at least 5 for feedback.
  • If you book a meeting with us, please come prepared. The easiest way to prepare yourself is to read Venture Deals by Feld and Mendelson. This will prove useful to you in the long run and will save us time explaining basic stuff.

Investment TeamPlease, contact the appropriate investment team member

Managing Partner

Cristian Munteanu

Electric Vehicles, Smart Cities, Mobility, Deep tech, Blockchain, AI, APIs

Radu Stoicoviciu

Enterprise Software, Fintech, Agritech, Professional Services, IP-Driven Models

Dan Călugăreanu

RPA, Chat bots, NLP, E-commerce, Mobile, Marketplaces, E-learning, Social Platforms, Consumer Services, Adtech, Cybersecurity, IOT, Hardware & Robotics

A behind-the-scenes look at early-stage venture capital in Romania, startups, technology and investments in the emerging markets of Europe.