Why we invested in CODA Intelligence

In the last few years, the complexity of cybersecurity threats has been on the rise. All analyses point to it increasing even more in the future. Clients of all sizes, small and medium enterprises especially, need solutions that are both effective and simple to use, to manage, and to understand. The complexity of the problem needs to be balanced by the simplicity of the solution.

Such small businesses use managed service providers (MSPs) for all their digital needs, from Internet access to cloud storage, processing, and hosting.

CODA FootprintEGV’s latest investment — adds value to small companies that have security or compliance issues by proactively signaling real risks and threats. This approach simplifies the management of computer vulnerabilities in a process that becomes easy-to-understand and may be prioritized by business people without a technical background.

In other words, CODA enables managed service providers to offer security services to small companies that represent most of their end-users. It turns any MSP into an MSSP (managed security service provider) and, by doing so, democratizes cybersecurity at scale.

We believe in CODA’s mission of upgrading the cybersecurity infrastructure and protecting small businesses against digital threats. A brilliant example of technology that is invisible to the eye of the beneficiary, but delivers in spades.

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