Why we invested in Bunnyshell

The future of cloud management

Our fund recently led a Seed Round of €750,000 in Bunnyshell, a company that wants to change the world by making the cloud accessible to anyone. This is how we looked at this deal and why we full-heartedly decided to invest.

The cloud craze has long passed. Most of the companies that were supposed to move to the cloud made the move years ago. Others migrated to the cloud just because it was fashionable and, after some time, returned to the on-premise solutions that suited them better in the first place. And other companies, the more recent ones, were founded in the cloud from the first day of their life. The high tide passed, the low tide passed, and the cloud is now mass-adopted and well-understood.

And, just as in its infancy, the cloud is still poetic by name (or it’s just me?), simple as a concept yet complex to implement. The benefits of the cloud are visible to the naked eye while the engineers (the ones to choose the platform, design the architecture, and set up the servers) are nowhere to be found.

Enter Bunnyshell with their seductive proposition: set up your servers across different cloud platforms in just a few clicks. Launch and provision, deploy, monitor, and scale, stay secure. No time wasted, no specialized and expensive sys admins required, no testing needed, no hidden costs. No headache, just cloud.

That’s the perfect solution for both SMBs that are understaffed/ under-capitalized and for enterprises that need agility and speed. Are you a small online retailer? You can launch a shop fast and easy. Are you a salesman working for a Fortune 500 company? You can deploy your own proof-of-concept servers and demo to any client within minutes.

Bunnyshell is a second-generation cloud infrastructure company. They don’t improve the cloud; they don’t make it safer, faster, or cheaper — what they do is to give everyone access to the cloud and make the process look stupid simple and madly fast.

Stupid simple and madly fast is good. It’s what we all want and it’s what made us at EGV invest in the amazing team of Bunnyshell.

Investing in Bunnyshell is consistent with our Infrastructure for innovation thesis.