Why we invested in Adiem

The future of biometric derivatives

Early Game Ventures (EGV) invested in Adiem, a newly established Romanian company, which develops technologies based on heart rate variability (HRV) and biometric derivatives. In the wake of launching their app (official launch is scheduled for November 15th, 2019), here is how we looked at Adiem and why we decided to invest in their technology.

“Quantified me” as a single-player game

Since the dawn of time, wearables had something narcissistic about it. Everything is about Me: my steps, my calories, my sleep, my health, my everything. It’s all about single-player, even when socially sharing with friends: bragging about my races and my performance, competing with others to prove my physical superiority, measuring myself against the rest. This is the quantified but narcissistic, self-centered, and magnificent Me.

Play nicely with the others

Adiem comes with a different approach. They use data collected through wearable devices and other connected equipment to increase the productivity and integration of each individual in the groups they belong to and interact with. In the words of the Founder: “We speak here of both the professional and private areas, a dynamic and continuous cycle.”

The app collects data mostly in social circumstances. You won’t even be able to add a friend until you meet that friend in person — a marvelous proof of living the same values that they preach. Once the data collected and analyzed, the app generates valuable insights. For example, anyone can measure their level of Trust in a team or their Engagement in a meeting.

Welcome to wearables as a multi-player game: constructive, integrative, positive, and relevant at the level of milliseconds heart rhythm variability.

Adiem is building the Human API

And this may be the one API to rule them all — investing in Adiem is consistent with our Infrastructure for innovation thesis.

Using vast amounts of data for new uses, powering new insights, opening new industries, and new verticals. Creating new value. This new approach and the critical stake that the technology developed by Adiem has made us invest in their team of data scientists, psychologists, cardiologists, and artists.