Early Game Accelerator

Main takeaways

Every year we select 5 or 6 early-stage startups for a highly tailored and very intensive acceleration program.
Every startup will work closely with one partner of the fund and will have access to exactly the kind of resources it needs.
The selection is made on a rolling basis: no submission deadlines, no cohorts, only the best startups are accepted.
We invest up to €200,000 per startup.


See all the investment details in the termsheet below:

Requests for startupsThere are several themes that we are most interested in. Some of these are listed here. If your startup is answering any of these challenges, please mention this in your application. Of course, we are open to any other ideas as well.

Future of mobility

Transportation (automotive, the queen industry) is changing. This will have a huge impact on our cities and our lives. We want to be part of this change and are most interested in investing in technologies for electric and autonomous cars, charging infrastructure, electric batteries, grid management software, light electrical vehicles, drones…

Finding meaning in what we do is fundamental for our happiness. As industries are being disrupted, jobs disappearing, automation replacing people, many of us are left wondering about the future of work. We want to support the daring entrepreneurs that take on these challenges and come up with solutions that will help millions of people make a living.

Buildings are hardware. We are looking to invest in those tech visionaries that are writing software for the buildings of the future.

Technology has the power to eradicate famine on a global scale. Given Romania’s huge agricultural potential, we are actively looking to identify new technologies that make food more accessible for all by reducing waste, keeping pests under control, decreasing costs with human labor, allowing for better management of cultures and livestock and increasing productivity.

B2B, B2C and now B2D – business to developers. Better tools mean faster work and better results. We are looking to invest in your startup if your startup is making the work of your fellow developers more effective.

Cities have been taken over by cars, pollution, noise, garbage… All these have a bad impact on the quality of our lives. We want to invest in founders that are concerned about how our children will live in the megacities of the future. This is a call for all those startups that strive to find solutions to the problems we face every day in our hometowns.

Fintech is one of the largest industries prone to disruption. Finance needs more transparency, fairness, speed, diversity. And people need more access to it, in an affordable way, all over the world.

Are you working on something big, addressing the problems of global markets? Apply for funding.


We have regular office hours year-round for founders who want to share what they’re building or ask for advice. We also host occasional events, briefings, and workshops at our office.
Every once in a while we organize events called Mentor Mixer at which the startups are introduced to a carefully selected, invite-only audience formed by investors, mentors, and advisers.
Once a year we have a Demo Day, a formal event where startups pitch on stage in front of a large audience. Pre-Demo Day pitching sessions will be organized for a limited number of accredited investors.


Welcome to our community. We continue to support you and make introductions as long as you need. And we expect you to support your fellow startup founders as well.

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