Cristian Munteanu

Managing Partner

Electric Vehicles, Smart Cities, Mobility, Deep tech, Blockchain, AI, APIs

Tech entrepreneur with a marketing and creative background. Certified Professional Scrum Master I. PhocusWright scholar.

Cristian started his career as a journalist while still studying British Studies at the University of Bucharest. Then moved to the ad industry for the following 14 years: progressed from copywriter to CEO, worked in Moscow, Vienna, Dusseldorf, Paris, Prague, Warsaw, Istanbul, Budapest, Bucharest.

In 2013 Cristian left advertising to become a tech founder. Moved to Seattle, WA then to San Francisco, CA where he gained experience as a CEO of startups in enterprise software and mobility.

Skydiver, BASE jumper, Porsche fan, anime lover, Starcraft player.

The thesis: invest in startups that build the infrastructure for innovation and jumpstart new industries by breaking vicious cycles.

ExperienceDeep-tech startups